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A Sexual Slang

Having a sexual preference for hairless genitals.

Age Play
Age play is sexual play that involves assuming the role of someone of a different age. Most commonly, one of the adults takes on the younger role, usually in the submissive capacity.

A woman is said to be airtight when her ass, pussy, and mouth are all full of cocks.

Kissing or penetrating the anus with the tongue. Also known by its slang term "tossing salad".

Acronym for Ass To Mouth. It's when a man pulls his penis out of a woman's ass and immediately puts in the woman's mouth. Considered a degrading act.

B Sexual Slang

Acronym for Bare Back Blowjob. Describes oral sex performed on a man who is not wearing a condom.

Acronym for "Big Beautiful Woman". This describes a group of men who are sexual aroused by larger sized women. Commonly referred to as fat by others.

Acronym for Bondage and Sadomasochism. Typically this class of sexual behavior involves power play where one person takes the role of the master and the other of slave. The range of sexual activities varies widely but typically involves usage of restraints or other forms of submission.

Bears slang in the gay community for other gay men with stocky or heavyset builds, and usually have hairy bodies and facial hair. They are the typically embody hyper masculine characteristics.

This term describes someone who is sexually attracted to both genders.

Blow Job
Defined as a woman or man performing oral sex on another man.

This is a degrading act where a large number of men take turns ejaculating on a woman. The woman usually lies or sits passively as the men cum on her, typically on her face or in her mouth.

C Sexual Slang

Camel Toe
Slang used to describes the ability to make out the contours and shape of a woman's vagina through her panties, swimsuit or clothing.

BDSM term for locking an individual in a cage.

Typically used in BDSM play it involves the use of a cane or a flexible rod used to whip the submissive partner. It is typically fairly intense and leaves more pronounced marks

Carpet Munching
Slang for a man performing oral sex on a woman. Also known as "Eating Pussy"

Chicken Head
A woman who trades sexual favors for drugs, usually crack. Typically these women work on the street and solicit sex from passing automobiles.

Circle Jerk
Described as a group of males who all masturbate together in a group session. Often straight and bisexual men engage in this behavior as it's not considered a typical gay activity as there is no contact between the participants.

Cock Gagging
A rough blowjob in which the penis is thrust deep into the woman's throat educing her to gag and sometimes vomit.

A sexual position in which the woman squats on top of the man facing in his direction. Usually the woman has her back straight allowing the man a full view of her breasts.

This is a slang term that describes the act of ejaculating inside a woman's vagina and then showcasing the semen as it seeps back out of the vaginal cavity.

The hunt for a sex partner, usually associated with gay males.

Cum Swapping
Also know as snowballing. Cum swapping is when a woman or man accepts ejaculate into their mouths and then transfer the semen into the mouth of another person.

D Sexual Slang

Daisy Chain
Sexual activities in which several people are stimulating each other's genitals simultaneously.

Deep Throat
This term refers to a blowjob in which the woman is able to actually allow the penis to penetrate deep into her mouth, often deep down into her throat.

Deep Reverse Job
Also known as the oil drill, this one consists of the guy drilling his cock directly down into the girls throat. Resembles an oil drill with its up and down motion.

Acronym for Dad I'd Like To Fuck. It involves sexual attraction to middle aged men who have had children

The term dogging refers to either having or observing exhibitionist sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outdoors. Sometimes the voyeurs join in on the sex, usually they just watch from nearby.

Slang for Double Penetration. It describes a sex act in which a woman has a penis in both her vagina and anus at the same time.

Slang for Double Vaginal. It describes sex in which a woman has more than one penis in her vagina at the same time.

E Sexual Slang

Using a small electrical current used for erotic stimulation. The current is applied directly to the genitalia or inflicted through the use of a charged wand like instrument. Electro torture is usually deployed in Bondage play.

Describes an individual who derives sexual pleasure from having others watching them engage in sexual activity often outdoors.

F Sexual Slang

A facial is when a man ejaculates onto a woman's face after sex.

Face Sitting
Just like it sounds, face sitting is where on partner sits on the face of another person, usually for the purpose of having their anus, vagina or balls orally stimulated by their partner.

Orally extracting semen from the anus or vagina after sex.

Female POV
Acronym for Point Of View. It refers to a style of porn film in which the viewer is given the perspective of the person having sex. In this case the term allows us to view a woman having sex from her point of view.

A woman who takes the role of the dominant participant in B&D activities.

This describes a sexual act in which the hand or fist is inserted into a sexual orifice. It can include either the vagina or the anus.

Whipping or beating to sexual orgasm.

This is a largely fictional term derived from early 70's porn films. A fluffers job was to arouse the male talent until he had an erection prior to his entrance into the his performance in the film being produced.

Foot Job
A sexual activity in which a persons genitals are stimulated by the feet of their partner, often closely associated with those with a "Foot Fetish".

Used as a coded term for oral sex in the escort business. To use the term "french without an interpreter" means oral sex without the use of a condom.

Froggy Style
Sexual intercourse where the woman crouches above the man, and moves up and down. Other terms for this type of sex are cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.

G Sexual Slang

Gang Bang
Slang for group sex involving three or more people. It can include any variation of sex and any combination of men and women.

Gag Job
Describes a blow job in which the man forcibly inserts his penis deep into the throat of the woman educing her to literally gag on his cock

BDSM term for a sex slave dressed in leather.

Glory Hole
Slang for a hole, usually in a wall, in which a man inserts his penis that is stimulated manually or orally by someone on the other side. Glory holes are typically found in adult arcades and public bathrooms however some people have built private glory holes in their own homes.

Golden Shower
Golden showers are sexual acts where on person urinates on a partner. Typically the person pisses directly in the mouth of the partner or on their chest.

A genre of adult films that shows sex without any plot, just pure sex, often using only POV (point of view) camera work.

Greek / Greek Sex
Sexual slang for anal sex often used in the escort business.

Group Sex
Group sex is also referred to as a gangbang. It is sex involving three or more people.

Gushing refers to women who expel ejaculate from their vaginas usually during orgasm. Its also know as "squirting" or "female cum".

H Sexual Slang

Half & Half
Performing or receiving a blow job as well as a rim job.

Hand Job
Hand jobs are a sexual act in which a woman or a man strokes another mans cock to orgasm through the use of her hand alone.

Happy Ending
A happy ending is a code word used in asian massage parlors where the female massuse preforms sexual acts to her client after the massage has ended. Typically a happy ending consists of a handjob however blowjobs and actually sex is not uncommon.

Japanese adult erotic art or animation.

Used to describe a sexual fetish for women with excessive amounts of hair. While traditionally used as a fetish for hairy pussies the term is also used to express a fetish for underarm hair and hairy legs.

A hummer is used to describe blowjobs in some countries. In america it typically refers to a woman or man placing their partners balls into their mouth and hum. The vibrations from the sound create a pleasant sensation and hence the term humming for this sexual activity.

I Sexual Slang

Sexual attraction to baby items, wearing diapers, sucking on bottle.

Sex between people of different races.

J Sexual Slang

Jack Off
Slang for a man masturbating himself, typically with his hand.

Jill Off
Slang for female masturbation.

K Sexual Slang

Describes any deviant sexual behavior which deviates from normal sexual behavior.

Describes a fetish wherein one derives sexual pleasure from enemas.

L Sexual Slang

Lady Boy
A lady boy refers to a asian transsexual who appears young. Usually the lady boys have hormone induced breast growth and a fully functioning penis.

Laying Pipe
Used primarily among heterosexual males to describe having sex with a woman.

Leg Restraint
A bondage item that is used to restrain the legs

Leg Spreader
A bondage item consisting of a metal bar and leg shackles on each end. A leg spreader is used to prevent an individual from closing their legs.

Lipstick Lesbians
Used to describe lesbian and often bisexual women who don't look like the stereotypical lesbian "bull dyke". Usually the women are quite attractive and most are usually bisexual rather than strictly gay.

M Sexual Slang

The person in control during S&M or B&D role-play.

The condition of having a large penis.

The act of becoming sexually stimulated by pain, discipline or humiliation.

Defined as a person who is extremely aroused by women's breasts.

Menage A Trois
A French term for a threesome.

An acronym for Mother I'd Like To Fuck. It refers to women who have had children, typically they are middle aged and attractive.

Missionary / Missionary Position / Missionary Sex
The traditional sexual practice of the woman lying on her back while the man penetrates her from above.

Name for a woman who takes control in the SM role-play.

Acronym for Male Male Female. Sex in which one girl is fucked by two men. It can also include additional bisexual sex between the males as well.

Money Shot
The money shot is slang for when a man ejaculates at the end of a sex scene in a porn.

Slang for a woman's vagina.

Muff Diving
Slang for orally stimulating a woman's vagina. Also know as "eating pussy" or "chowing box".

Mysophilia A fetish in which a person is extremely aroused by dirt or being dirty.

N Sexual Slang

A fetish in which a person is extremely aroused by erotic conversations.

No-Hands Job - This is your basic face fucking. The slut opens wide and the stud proceeds to fuck her face, no hands involved. Pretty Straightforward.

Nose Pinch Job A new kid on the block, but quickly gaining popularity in the porn world. While shes sucking, the guy holds her nose.

O Sexual Slang

Sexual Activity that does not include inserting the penis in the vagina or anus.

Oil Drill
Also known as the deep reverse, this one consists of the guy drilling his cock directly down into the girls throat. Resembles an oil drill with its up and down motion.

P Sexual Slang

Pearl Necklace
Slang for a man cumming on a woman's neck right below the chin. The resulting splatters of cum around her neck looks like she is wearing a pearl necklace.

Slang term used to describe a woman anally penetrating a mans ass with the use of a strap on device.

Also know as heavy petting. Slang for foreplay, usually involving manual stimulation of the genitals.

Describes a slightly overweight woman. Typically these women are not obese but are carrying around quite a few extra pounds.

A stuffed toy or puppet intended for use in a sex act. See plushophilia.

A fetish in which a person derives sexual pleasure from sex involving the use of stuffed toys (plushies).

Pop Shot
Slang in the porn world for the end of a porn scene when the man ejaculates, usually on some part of the woman's body, typically the face (know as a "facial).

Describes a style of porn film camera work in which the viewer is given the perspective of the person receiving the sex. POV is an acronym for Point Of View.

Slang for a pregnant woman.

Puffies describe a type of woman's breast in which the nipples and areola are literally puffy and extend out from the breast more than the average woman's breast.

Q Sexual Slang

A slang term for the discharge of air from the vagina, sounding like flatulence.

Slang for an effeminate male homosexual who displays many of the qualities of females.

A slang term for female ejaculate/lubrication; any vaginal discharge other than menstrual blood. Discharge that is not sexual in origin or unusual in color/texture is often known as rotten quent.

slang for the person in the middle of three man anal sex.

R Sexual Slang

Red Light District
An area of a city or town where prostitution is available.

Reverse Cowgirl
A sexual position where the woman squats over the man with her back facing his face. It's essentially just what it sounds like its a "Cowgirl" Position in reverse.

When a man or a woman stimulates the anus of their partner through oral stimulation of the anus.

Rim Job

Used to describe group sex or an orgy.

Slang for thrusting the penis between a woman's breasts, simulating intercourse. Often used as code in the escort profession.

S Sexual Slang

Deriving pleasure from causing physical or emotional pain on another person.

Sexual practices where an individual derives pleasure from inflicting pain or humiliation onto others or oneself.

One who practices sadomasochism.

Safewords are used to help ensure the consent and safety of BDSM activities. (see "BDSM", "scene") A safeword is essentially a codeword that participants use when they feel uncomfortable or want to stop the activity. In most BDSM scenes, normal protestations are considered to simply be part of the fun, thus making for the necessity of something extra to help communicate when someone is actually protesting.

Scat play involves the use of feces "shit" in sexual activity.

The act of licking or sucking a partner's toes.

Skeet is a popular term made famous by the Dave Chapele Show. Its meaning is still in debate however it commonly refers to semen or cum shots. So basically skeet means to cum or pop off.

A slang term for the act of a girl jerking off two guys at the same time. It is called skiing because it looks similar to the way a skier grips two poles while skiing.

Strap On
A strap on is a sex toy that a woman wears which simulates her having a penis. Strap on sex is common between lesbians, however many men enjoy being penetrated with a strap on as well, this sexual activity is known as "Pegging".

Sloppy Seconds
Describes having sex with a person who just recently had sex with another partner. It's refereed to as "sloppy" because often there is still semen inside the vagina or anus when the second man begins having sex

A slang term for the fetish of drenching each other in such gooey substances such as porridge, pudding, or mud, usually during foreplay.

Used to describe a particular activity within the swigging community where partners swap partners with other couples.

Snowball / Snowballing
The act of transferring semen from one person's mouth to another, usually female to female.

Kissing your partner after they ejaculate in your mouth, without expelling the semen first.

The insertion of the penis into the anus.

Soft Swap
Partner swapping, or allowing your partner to have sex with someone else in your presence.

Striking or paddling a submissive partner.

An instrument used to spread the vagina open so that the cervix can be seen often used in fetish or medical fetish play.

Used to describe a unique ability many women have forceful release of fluids from the vagina in the midst of sexual climax..

Stinky Pinky
Slang for female masturbation or inserting a finger into the anus.

Street Walker
Slang for a low class prostitute who solicits customers by literally walking the streets. Many are addicted to drugs and us the money to support their habit.

Submissive / Sub
The person who is dominated in a BDSM relationship.

Sugar Daddy
Slang for a man who financially supports a younger person in return for sexual favors.

Swinging is a common form of sexual activity in the "alternative lifestlye" community. Essentially it involves groups of like minded couples getting to gether to have sex with each others partners. Also known as "swapping".

Switch Hitter
Describes a bi-sexual individual. One who enjoys sexual activity with members of either sex.

T Sexual Slang

Tea Bagging
A sexual activity where the man dips his balls into a woman's mouth. Also can refer to the woman simply inserting the testicular sac into her mouth.

Tea Room
A public mens rest room where men engage in anonymous sex with other men.

A sexual practice in the BDSM community where a woman presses her foot, typically in stiletto or high heels into the body or genitals of the male sub.

This term defines individuals whose gender identity is different from their physical sex.

The ToothBrush
It is what it says...the guy takes his cocks and fucks her face from the side as if he was brushing her teeth with his dong.

Slang for a transsexual.

Slang for a group of three people engaging in sex.

The Smell My Nads
This is basically any blowjob that results in the guys nuts resting on the sluts nose. Even better when the guy avoids showering for a couple days, nice and funky :)

Throat Job
To ram ones cock down some ones throat using force and hip thrusts. Usually results in deep coughing and a hard time breathing.

Toss Salad
Slang for licking someone's anus.

When a group of people have sex with one person, taking turns one after the other.

A lesbian practice where two women rub their vaginas together during sex.

Turning a Trick
The act of performing a sexual act for money.

Tug Job
Describes sexual stimulation of the penis via a partners hand. Also know as a "Hand Job".

Slang for a gay man, especially one who possesses feminine characteristics.

U Sexual Slang

Slang for an uncircumcised penis.

V Sexual Slang

A mechanical device designed to sexually stimulate the vulva, clitoris, and vagina.

Describes sexual activity in which a person becomes aroused by the act of observing others, often without their consent or knowledge.

W Sexual Slang

Sex play which involves urine or enemas. Typically one partner will urinate on the others body or directly into the partners mouth.

Western Grip
A style of masturbation where the man holds his penis with his thumb facing up - similar to the way a cowboy holds the rope during a rodeo.

Wife Swapping
When two married couples switch sex partners. Also know as just "Swapping"

A very ineffective birth control technique where the penis is removed from the vagina before ejaculation and the man cums on a part of the female body, typically the abdomen, breasts or face.

To lavish attention to a body part.

X Sexual Slang

An identifier for pornography, especially X-rated (or "XXX") movies

Z Sexual Slang

Used to describe and individual who derives sexual pleasure through contact with animals



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